Never Break a Sweat with Mannix

When we’re dealing with HVAC, the last thing we all want is to break a sweat. At Mannix Heating & Cooling, we know how Maryland and Virginia summers can feel like an undercooked hamburger on a faulty grill. But don’t worry! Your local HVAC repair service in Montgomery Village, Gaithersburg, Rockville, and Olney, MD, as well as Chantilly, Centreville, and Dulles, VA, is always at your rescue.

Because A/C Happens

You see, our A/C repair services are like a pint of your favorite ice cream: on time, affordable, and absolutely refreshing. Stuck in a heatwave or an overcast fall day with a faulty furnace making you shiver? Our heating repair service in these regions will keep you cozy, regardless of the season.

We Know Your Pulse

We understand the pulse of local weather like nobody else. Be it air conditioning installation, furnace service, or general HVAC service, we ensure you are miles away from frosty winters and sticky summers. At Mannix, surviving the extreme temperatures is no longer a mythical quest; it’s just a phone call away. Why? Because we believe in putting the ‘comfort’ back in ‘home comfort.’ Now, that’s something worth turning the heat up for!

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