Conquering the Rooftop Jungles of New York

Welcome, intrepid explorer! You stand before the vast landscape of slanted rooftops in Bayside, NY and Staten Island, NY, each one unique as a fingerprint. Never you fear, KNA Roofing is your dedicated guide in this challenging terrain of roof remodeling!

The Adventure of New Roof Installation

Venture further and you’ll encounter the rugged peaks and valleys of Forest Hills, NY & Sunnyside, NY. Ah, the thrill of new roof installation! It’s a task not for the faint-hearted, but for experienced crews laden with hammers, nails, and unparalleled dedication.

Rise Phoenix-like with Roof Replacement

In Astoria, NY, hear the tales of mighty roof replacements! Like phoenixes rising from the ashes, old roofs concede to the new, standing proud under the NY city skyline. This metamorphosis is our signature move at KNA Roofing.

Guardians of Residential Roofing

And now, behold, Downtown Brooklyn, NY! Here we stand tall as protectors of the local residential roofing community. Faced with a roof repair? Alas, fret not! Keeping your safe harbor… well, safe is our calling and pride. KNA Roofing – slayers of leaks, banishers of draughts, and all-around roofing champions.

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